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A working definition of addiction-- " A problem may exist when someone is using a mind altering drug which is causing problems in some area of their life and they continue to use."

A working definition of depression-- "A prolonged feeling of being in a black hole and being unable to function effectively"

Interventions In Maine

Non confrontational and compassionate intervention is a process of involving selected family, friends or employers of an affected individual in a concentrated effort to support the breaking of the cycle of addiction or intervening in the course of depression and enable and empower the person involved to receive life saving treatment and rehabilitation. The intervention is facilitated through short, rehearsed and sometimes scripted dialogue with the loved one or employee.

David Kee

David is an experienced interventionist with long term sobriety and has experience and training in interventions involving depression. For two years he facilitated a drug, alcohol, and depression support group at Acadia Hospital in Bangor, Maine. He is willing to travel nationwide.

Dr. Richard M. Douglass, Consultant on Depression

Richard is a clinical psychologist with considerable experience in working with depression in both hospital and private practice settings.

Note General intervention information was supplied by and used with permission of my colleague and long time expert in the field of interventions, Vaughn Howland. Much additional information can be found at his site www.intervention.com.